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Youthful, Energetic, Focus and Feel Good

Percival Alexander

IEE – Walking faster – no hip pain

Sharon Drakeford


Pure Nature’s Nutrients

I was born with Crohn’s Disease and not diagnosed until I was 23 years young. I learned to manage it somewhat. Two weeks ago, I starting taking Freemart Pure Nature’s Nutrients – two capsules in the am and two in the pm and I feel marvelous!!! Thanks to Freemart and to God!!!

Mary Angela Theys


We have been using FreeMart Shave and Shower Gel for a few months. I use it as a shampoo, a shave gel, toothpaste and more. It also works great as an all purpose cleaner. I used some straight from the bottle and it removed grease from my barbecue. I diluted it, put it in a sprayer and used it around the house. It worked great on granite, stainless steel, windows and mirrors. I am very pleased with the results!

Steve Cox


Afer reading about how millions of people die of heart failure due to a lack of Magnesium, (who knew?) I just had to get some. I suffered a mild heart attack in 2012 and was on several medications afterwards. After researching different foods and natural everyday remedies I learned a lot and decided back then not to take any more pills recommended by my doctors. Luckily I found FreeMart when I did and I feel healthier now than ever before. Once understanding about the lack of minerals even in the healthy foods we eat, I knew I had to get the magnesium and am glad I did. I take it once a week for peace of mind mostly. However if you ever get cramps in your legs or anywhere, rub one drop of the FreeMart Magnesium on it topically and it works INSTANTLY … Yet another great product from FreeMart that I will never be without! Life is much more fun without pain. FreeMart helps so many people live better lives. Thank you FreeMart and thank you John Austin for creating something so very unique and special! ?
Sincerely Dianne Kneller Weaver (theweavers)

Dianne Kneller Weaver

I wretched my neck

I wretched my neck real bad. I took one of those nano cards and taped it to my neck a couple of nights in a row… man the pain is all gone out of that neck.

Robert Gagnon


Why do some people take to Freemart like they have never taken to anything else before?

Dennis Kluver

Nano Cards

These nano cards are unbelievable. I have had sciatica so bad that I couldn’t walk and when I put them in my shoes, I am walking without my cane, without my walker, without anything…

Lori Leavitt


Started taking the Sugar-D and in the first month, I lost 17 pounds and 21 inches off of my body. I love that it doesn’t make me jittery. I feel GREAT!! This is the end of the second month and I have lost a total of 30 pounds and 27 inches off of my body. I love my Sugar-D

Sharon Drakeford
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