Pure Copper Concentrate

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Hundreds of years of historical use together with evidence coming from modern science provides us with innumerable ways to potentially benefit from topical application and or from ingesting a pure Copper solution. The purpose of this information is to report some of the known benefits and should not be used as medical advice. The reader is left to his or her own conclusions as to how and when to use FreeMart PureCopper.

Copper is the third most prevalent mineral in the body and is most heavily concentrated in the blood plasma protein, Ceruloplasmin. Copper promotes normal growth, helps regulate metabolism and utilization of iron, amino acids and vitamins.

Copper is necessary for enzymatic reactions, energy production, normal heart rhythm, normal function of thyroid gland, production of hemoglobin (RBC), myelin, melanin, elastin, collagen and bone.

Copper is a vital element of the natural dark pigment, melanin, which imparts coloration to skin, hair, and eyes. Melanin can be produced by melanocytes only in the presence of the cuproenzyme called tyrosinase. Intake of copper supplements may help to maintain natural hair color and may also help prevent loss of pigmentation in the skin.

Copper promotes rapid wound healing, normal body temperature, resistance to infections and reduced symptoms of arthritis.

Deficiency of copper can produce the following symptoms in human beings:

  • Anemia
  • Anorexia
  • Birth defects
  • Bleeding under the skin
  • Bone loss
  • Brittle bones
  • Dermatitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Dilated Veins
  • Edema
  • Elevated Cholesterol Levels
  • Hair Loss
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of cartilage in joints
  • Low body temperature
  • Low white blood cell count
  • Uneven Heartbeat
  • Low resistance to infections
  • Loss of skin pigmentation (vitiligo and leucoderma)
  • Osteoporosis
  • Paleness
  • Premature aging
  • Sores
  • Stunted growth
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Weak eyes
  • Weak veins and capillaries

Benefits of Copper may include:

  • Anti-inflammatory and may assist in reducing the symptoms of arthritis
  • Promotes proper growth
  • Protects the skeletal, nervous and cardiovascular systems
  • Gives pigmentation to hair and eyes
  • Necessary for proper synthesis of hemoglobin, myelin, elastin and collagen
  • Helps to protect the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves
  • Widely known as a brain stimulant, otherwise known as “brain food”
  • Helps with proper utilization of sugar
  • Proper absorption of iron from the intestinal tract and release of stored iron from storage sites like the liver
  • Copper is either an element or a co-factor of as many as 50 different enzymes
  • Copper may slow down the aging process
  • Strong antioxidant, which works in the presence of the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase
  • Copper is an important constituent of energy production
  • Copper can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacterial strains such as E Coli
  • Plays an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of the thyroid gland
  • Necessary for normal production of Red Blood Cells and helps with anemia
  • Strengthens veins and capillaries
  • Plays an important role in the healing process and thus, ensures better wound healing
  • Supports the body’s natural immunity
  • Reduce bad cholesterol and increase beneficial cholesterol.
  • Essential for the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate, which is an energy storehouse of the human body

The cuproenzyme, cytochrome c oxidase, affects the intracellular energy production. It acts as a catalyst in the reduction of molecular oxygen to water, during which the enzyme produces an electrical gradient used by the mitochondria to synthesize the vital energy-storing molecule, ATP.

Copper cannot be produced within the body and hence needs to be sourced from external food sources. In order to enjoy health benefits of copper, it must be included in the diet.

FreeMart PureCopper Concentrate can either be taken in drops as directed on the bottle or diluted in distilled water to whatever concentration that you desire. Because our nano particles are only two atoms in width, they will fit into the tiniest cells and blood vessels of the body and not become lodged there. After it has done its job, it will merely be excreted in the urine and therefore can be given to babies and the elderly. FreeMart PureCopper concentrate is in my opinion the “best” copper product that money can buy and may be your best choice for preventing premature graying of hair and other copper deficiency symptoms.

Color and Stability

The color of FreeMart PureCopper mineral is the affect of light reflecting of of the trillions of copper nano particles suspended in solution. If you have used other copper solutions, you have no doubt noticed that they are clear and look like pure water. This is due to the tiny amount of copper that is put into these products.

The color of FreeMart PureCopper can and does change with time and here is why. We do not add any chemicals or coloring to any of our products; including chemical stabilizers. What produces the color in our PureCopper for example is the size of the Copper atoms and the number of Copper atoms that make up the Copper nano particles that are suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water.

White light hits the nano particles of Copper in suspension, but not all of the wave lengths are absorbed; the ones that are not absorbed are reflected back as the color one sees. What is absorbed or reflected back is determined by the size of the atom (Gold, Silver, and Copper) and all minerals have different atomic sizes) and the number of atoms that make up the nano particles suspended in the water. Smaller nano particles of a metal produce a different color than larger nano particles of the same mineral.

Other manufacturers add stabilizing chemicals to their mineral solutions to prevent them from conglomerating together, thus causing a different color because now the nano particles are larger. In order to maintain purity of our products, we do not add any stabilizing chemicals.

The tendency for Copper nano particles to conglomerate increases as the concentration increases because there are more Copper nano particles packed into the same cubic centimeter. These particles will separate when diluted in water outside or inside of the body.

The downside to the color of a product changing over time is the perception that something is wrong. The reality is that regardless of the color, the nano particles that are suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water are 100% safe because they are 99.99+% pure to begin with and they are suspended in pure water.

The products that one should be suspicious of are the ones that are too stable and one should ask what chemical has been added to provide this stability. The fact that we do not have a chemical stabilizer in any our mineral solutions is evidenced by the fact that it can, and does, change color over time. Nevertheless, it remains 100% safe and effective.

Suggested Maintenance Dose – 1-3 times weekly:

Suggested Therapeutic Dose – 1-3 times daily:

  • Adults take 40 drops under the tongue or mix with a small amount of Free-Mart Water (mixed) to be gargled or swished in the mouth for approximately six minutes before swallowing.
  • Children 4+ years use 10 drops in the same manner. Younger children 1-2 drops in the mouth.

Ingredients: Free-Mart PureCopper is our trademarked brand consisting of 99.99+% pure Copper as bio-available nano particles dispersed and suspended in pure, pharmaceutical grade water.

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