IEE™ (Incubated Egg Extract)

IEE™ (Incubated Egg Extract)

IEE™ Incubated Egg Extract is comprised of MeB12 in combination with nutrients that are extracted from 9-day-old, incubated, fertile chicken eggs using a patented process developed in Norway. No other dietary supplement on the market brings together these advanced ingredients in clinically relevant dosages to provide fast, long-lasting support for mind-body wellness under times of stress.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    After going through a little detox in the first week. I noticed my fingernails getting longer and stronger. My hair on my head started growing faster, my skin is looking better. My stress level has gone down over 50%, my mood is more uplifted, my sleep is better and my dreams are very vivid and real.

    My brain does not feel as stressed out as it normally does with day to day tasks. I have only been taking this for almost 1 month.

    Thank you for this IEE product. Chad Nelson

  2. 5 out of 5

    My name is John Austin and I would like to give my testimony about a subject that affects a lot of middle-aged men, which is a reduction in erectile function. A recent study showed 1 out of every 4 men going to the doctor for ED was under age of 40.

    ED can be embarrassing and also very frustrating, especially to someone in their mid-thirties or forties. ED can cause loss of self-esteem; it can affect the relationship of married couples; it can cause a spouse to suspect her husband of infidelity or falling out of love with her, which frequently ends in a broken marriage.

    There are many possible causes of ED, including high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, prostate cancer, reduction in testosterone and reduced circulation of blood to the penis.
    Other causes can be stress, depression, anxiety, overwork, loss of sleep, low self-esteem and even nervousness about how you perform sexually.

    ED can also be the side-effect of many medications. If that is the case, your doctor can perhaps help you determine which of your medications could be the cause of ED and regular use of FreeMart products, may help to eliminate some of them.

    ED is something that men often find hard to admit or talk about. It doesn’t stop their desire to have relations, but it can make a man feel less than a man.
    For a number of years before taking the FreeMart products, I experienced a gradual decline in the ability to have an erection, and there were even a few times when I simply could not perform. This was very frustrating to me as I’m sure it was to my wife as well.

    As I started taking various FreeMart products, I noticed that I was having erections more frequently and more easily. The products that I attributed these results to were PureCopper and Sugar-D, which help improve circulation, D-Cal, PureMag and Siaga, all of which help regulate hormones, improve circulation and help to produce nitric oxide, which is necessary to cause an erection.
    Recently I started taking FreeMart IEE and within a couple of weeks, I started having some spontaneous erections. This has not happened for many years, but when I think back to my high school days, my erectile function often worked too well. I could be walking down the hall or sitting in class and all of a sudden get an embarrassing bulge in my pants which had to be covered by books or a jacket, if I was lucky enough to be carrying one or the other.

    Now, my increase in libido is more than welcome and has already improved my own marriage and I feel certain that it will help many more men to recover their libido and prove to be a miracle for numerous other couples to enhance their physical relationships.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I started taking the IEE and I noticed I was getting much better sleep.the first night. AlsoI dreaming again. I had been wondering if I should consider having surgery on my left hip. My hip had been hurting for a couple of years The second week after taking IEE I noticed the pain was not there like before. I am able to get in and out of the tub like I use to without pain and without holding on to the wall. I can go up and down the stairs better and walk with a little pep in my step. I love this IEE.
    Thank You for this Great Product
    Sharon Drakeford

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