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Scaler Energy (5)Nano Cards (SENC)

Free-Mart (5)Nano Cards have been manufactured and produced utilizing a unique bio nano-composite ceramic powder, which provides an abundance of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ion Technology. The Negative Ions per card are 3,300 or more per card.

How does it work?  The Free-Mart Nano Card radiates countless healthful and beneficial nano light waves that penetrate the skin and cells of the body, assisting in circulation and enriching the blood with oxygen, which improves every metabolic function in the body including the healing process, by helping to restore the body’s natural energies and homeostasis.

The Health Advantages of SENC

*Helps increase proper and healthy blood circulation
*Helps reduce stress and fatigue and increase energy
*Helps release and eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins
*Helps enhance the water molecules in the water you drink
*Helps eliminate offensive odors in the car, refrigerator, or the body
*Helps maintain freshness and increase shelf life of fresh food
*Helps reduce back pain, migraine headaches, and the pain of arthritis
*Helps facilitate a healthful environment for plants

How to use SENC

Simply put one of the Cards in your pocket or carry it with you. Not only are you receiving immediate health benefits, but now in cases of stress put upon the body by exercise or injury, you will experience less inflammation and recovery time will be improved.

It is recommended to place a card in each shoe of anyone who is required to be on their feet for long periods of time. Cards can also be applied to areas of pain to reduce inflammation.

Put a card in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator or under the eggs, dairy products, and under the meat to keep foods fresh for longer periods of time. Cards can also be put under a fruit bowel on the counter, or with your whole grains, nuts, and seeds to keep them fresher.

Glue a Nano Card on the bottom of your car’s gas tank for better gas mileage. Put on the gas and electrical meters coming into your home to reduce the consumption of electricity and lower your power bill. Put them under your bottom sheet in your bed for better sleep. Use your imagination as to where you can use them.

The Nano Card is safe and beneficial for everyone – adults, children, babies, and pets. Pets love having the Nano Card in their beds and under their water dishes.

Nano Cards have been tested to provide beneficial Negative Ions and far Infrared Rays for more than 3 years.

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1 review for FREE-MART (5) NANO CARDS

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    My wife had a pain in her right hand that woke her up at night with discomfort. She was wearing a copper glove, but that alone was not enough. I put a nano card inside the glove on the top of her hand and soon the pain was gone. She has used the nano card for two nights and loves the benefit of being able to sleep without pain. Thanks Freemart for wonderful products. – Edward Hairston

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