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Welcome to FreeMart, which is rapidly becoming a household name across America and around the world. The reason for that is our members know when they buy one of our products they are buying something that is safe and pure and Eco-friendly to our planet, and they are also telling their friends.

We all use soap products; in fact we use so much of them that the cleaning product industry generated 61 billion dollars last year in the US alone. The sad part is that almost all of these products contain chemicals that cause disease, shorten lifespans and pollute the planet we live on. So let me ask you a question:

If there were cleaning products that were safe enough to bathe your new-born baby, yet strong enough to clean your oven, your grill and your toughest stains, would you use such a product if it were delivered to your doorstep each month for free?

You heard me right. You can have these products delivered right to your doorstep every month for free. All you have to do is refer three others who want to get toxic, cancer-causing chemicals out of their homes while helping us to save our planet, and you start getting yours for free.

In addition to safe, organic cleaning products, FreeMart has a number of other fabulous products, and we will continue expanding our product line until FreeMart becomes a household name that signifies quality.

Allow me to give you just a thumbnail sketch of FreeMart if you will.

I believe that FreeMart is destined to become a multi-billion dollar enterprise and here is why.

Like other huge shopping clubs, you must be a member in order to purchase anything from our store. But instead of charging you an annual fee like they do, we give you a lifetime membership for free.

When you shop at our store, you won’t be walking into a physical building; you will be shopping online like millions of folks already do from other online stores.

And FreeMart is doing something that has never been done before by any other member shopping club. We share up to 90% of our profits with our loyal members, and some of our members are finding this to be very lucrative!

So if I have your attention, would you use our cancer-free NVIRO soap products if they were delivered to your doorstep for free?

That is obviously a no-brainer, because everybody wants to avoid cancer and when they learn that their soap products contain chemicals proven to cause cancer, sometimes in very small doses, they would obviously opt to use soap products that do not cause cancer.

Assuming this is true, then I have another question: Would you want the people that you care about using soap products that cause cancer, just because you failed to inform them? I don’t think so and neither do I, and that’s why I found somebody to make me these amazing NVIRO products that contain no harmful chemicals.

That is also why I am asking you to run with me and tell as many people as you can about this amazing offer. We all know three people that we don’t want to see them getting cancer, who would exchange their soap-buying dollars for cancer-free soap. By working together, we can truly make a huge difference. First and foremost we will get dangerous poisons out of our own homes and equally as important, we will be sending a message to the giant soap companies that we no longer want cancer-causing products and they will be forced to change their manufacturing practices if they want to remain in business.

Now, I am going to let you in on a little secret about how powerful this NVIRO soap promotion really is. You know how grocery stores sometimes advertise a lost-leader to get you into their store? They do it because they know that a small loss on one item will often translate to a considerable profit because most people will end up filling a shopping cart with other items at the same time.

So, let’s assume that you find three people to purchase our cancer-free NVIRO soap products and they find three and they in turn find three more. And let’s all work to make this will happen through at least 9-levels, because FreeMart shares profits through 9-levels of members that grow from your personal referrals. If you do this, you stand to benefit greatly and here is how it works.

If only one in five persons in your member organization makes an average purchase of our other products each month in addition to their NVIRO cleaning products, you would earn over $100,000 per month in FreeMart Profit Shares. You heard me right – the math doesn’t lie!

What do I mean by an average order? We added up all of our orders over a two month period of time and then divided that number by the total number of orders to come up with the amount of profit shares that we pay on an average order or purchase.

Now remember; we have no autoships or purchase requirements whatsoever! All of these people purchased FreeMart products because they wanted to, not because they had to. This is how it works in the real world at real stores; people only purchase what they want to. In order to make that happen, you have to have great products that people will purchase without being forced to and that is what FreeMart does.

And because we expect to have millions of members joining us and buying our safe, organic soap products, you can eventually earn profit shares from thousands of people  in your 9-level member team purchasing other FreeMart products.

Already we have people getting environmentally safe NVIRO soap products for free. Many of these same people are using part of their profit shares to purchase other FreeMart products and the result is simply amazing. Our NVIRO soap giveaway is helping a number of our members to earn thousands of dollars monthly and for some even weekly from our profit sharing plan.

I sincerely hope that this message resonates with you. I hope that you are one of the many good people who will lock arms with us and change your buying habits for the sake of your own health and that you will also share this offer with others because we can no longer continue polluting our planet and expect the earth to sustain life it has in the past. Many species are now becoming extinct annually due to pollution and many more will if we don’t do something about it.

Help us be part of the solution by no longer using harmful cleaning products that contain chemicals similar to Agent Orange that caused so much death and suffering in Vietnam and help us tell the story so others no longer have to suffer.

Have you ever wondered why there are all sorts of warnings and labels on the bottles of your cleaning supplies? That’s because they contain ingredients that can cause severe health problems and you need to keep them out of reach of your pets and children.

In fact, the fumes from these toxic cleaners can potentially damage your lungs and just breathing them has put some people in the hospital.

Personally, I avoid even walking down the cleaning isle of the supermarket or grocery store. I am sensitive enough to my body that I start feeling the effects almost immediately.

Wearing clothes or sleeping in sheets washed in laundry detergent and fabric softener literally makes me itch all over and drives me crazy. It may affect you that way even if you were not aware of it.

Children, babies and pets don’t know any better, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suffer from the effects of having these toxic chemicals in their environment so that they absorb them 24-hours a day through their skin and through their lungs.

Cleaning products are among the most toxic products found in your home and that is why there is a skull and crossbones on many of them.

And remember, we are talking about a 61 billion dollar industry that is virtually killing our planet.

FreeMart’s all natural NVIRO products contain no harmful chemicals. They are safe even for your babies and for your pets and if one of them were to accidentally ingest some, the only potential danger would be a little diarrhea from being cleaned out on the inside.

Using Cancer-free NVIRO products stops the risk of chemically-induced health problems, whether using them for personal care or for cleaning the toughest grease and stains.

Since you aren’t using chemicals such as bleach, ammonia or formaldehyde, symptoms like respiratory and skin irritations that are caused by your caustic cleaning products won’t be a problem anymore.

Click on the Free Membership button below to join with us. Make sure that the name of the person who referred you on the enrollment form. If not please check to make sure you have the right address and that you typed it in the address bar rather than into the Google, Yahoo or some other Search bar.

By enrolling with the person who invited you, you will be returning the favor of them sharing FreeMart with you, just the same as you will want people that you invite to be sure they get enrolled on your own personalized website.

After you enroll, write down your username and password so you will always remember how to login to your site and collect your profit shares.

Then purchase at least one two-bottle bundle of our safe, organic NVIRO All Purpose Cleaner and Shave and Shower Gel.

And then if you want to, refer at least three others so that you can start getting all of your soap products each month for free.

PS: You don’t have to stop at three. Some people have already referred more than a hundred and the more you refer, the more profit shares you can earn because there are up to 8 ways that you can earn profit shares from FreeMart.

Thank you for visiting,

John Austin CEO

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