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ShopFreeMart™ is a new philosophy in Consumerpreneur Marketing™.

A Consumerpreneur is a person who consciously strives to improve their physical, mental  and emotional performance by consuming quality nutritional products and who also enjoys the financial rewards of helping others do the same. Unlike cut-throat capitalism,  Consumerpreneur Marketing™ is a caring sharing business built upon friendships, trust and appreciation.

Consumerpreneur Marketing™ offers consumers the ultimate in added value by providing the opportunity to create income by changing where you shop and by inviting your friends to do the same.

ShopFreeMart provides consumers double added value with superior products delivered direct to your door, PLUS a superior opportunity to create wealth and to pursue true time and money freedom by owning and operating your own business anywhere.

ShopFreeMart provides you a Secure Consumer Shopping Site and Free Entrepreneur Office Site if you choose to be a Consumerpreneur.

Operating a business with honesty and integrity is the only way to create a stream of  income that endures and continues to flow to future generations.


John Austin CEO

John began his marketing career in 1964. During his 55 years in the industry he has been the Master Distributor of two companies, has been a top recruiter and built teams as large as 3 million members. John was co-owner of a company  in the mid-nineties and he was a Consultant to the industry for 16 years prior to founding ShopFreeMart.

Thomas Green CTO

Tom has managed IT, web development and call centers for the past 15 Years. His team has coded the software and built websites for a number of marketing companies. Tom also has 50 years experience in marketing; first as a distributor and than as a software developer and technical support for various marketing companies.

Tom has stopped all of his other endeavors to be a principal of ShopFreeMart and manager for the IT staff and call center.

Chief BreakThrough Trainer

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough is a 10th degree Black Belt who has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as well as the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame through GetMotivation.com. He has been a college professor with a Doctorate in Divinity and a Ph.D. in Martial Arts. He is a successful Network Marketer, Life and Business Trainer/Coach, Author and most importantly an Evangelist. He has driven over 3 million miles, using a combination of his martial arts skills along with his energetic ability to move crowds as large as 17,000. He has spoken in all 50 States and 28 Countries earning as much as $47,000 in one hour! He has been to the top pay structures of 7 different Home based business companies. He recently built an organization of 1.5 Million team members worldwide in only 5 1/2 short years! He has Authored/Co-authored 8 books. He is perhaps the most entertaining, enlightening and electrifying speaker on the circuit today. He has been the Spokesperson, and/or Training Director for several companies. He has been featured in numerous Magazines and on Radio/TV Shows. He is married to Nadia whom he calls his “Adorable Brown Caramel Delight,” they have 8 Children between them (6 grown) and now reside just North of Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. BreakThrough

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